ALVN, A Lady’s Voice Network, was founded in February 2018 by Imeh Esen. An innovative network, ALVN uses creative media to inspire and develop women.


Mission: Our mission is to develop women from the inside out so they can move in their world in a healthy, empowering way.


A positive, inspiring haven, ALVN will offer an experience that leaves women feeling enlightened, introspective, and challenged. It’s a place for women to hear their stories and tell it.


Short Movies and Documentaries

Our short movies and documentaries are 5 to 15 mins of great content.  Each movie has themes that speak to women. Watch all or select your theme of interest and enter an immersive, “cinematherapy” experience.


Our fiction and non fiction writers love what they do. Each piece is written to be relevant and inspiring, so please relax and engage with all, or follow your favorite writer.


You have a question? We and the larger ALVN community will try to answer. This is simply our way of walking beside you as you navigate the stages of your life. No question is “silly” or irrelevant. Have a question on career, relationships, parenting, sex, health, emotions, fashion, etc…ask. Someone might just have the answer you need to move forward. ASK is meant to be safe and positive.

Personal Stories

Some women want to give back, others are seeking personal growth. Here, women share their life experiences and lessons learnt to inspire other women to believe, hope, and move forward.


Curmira Bill, ALVN Writer

Curmira A. Bill

I love stories! Stories written down, related orally, shared pictorially, threaded out through fashion and the many other forms that stories can take. 


In childhood, I had the privilege of the first few years being illumined by the golden Caribbean sunlight, silvery moonlight, smokey, amber kerosene lamplight, and often romantic candlelight. 


I love stories; for their uncanny power to foster intimacy between strangers, uniting otherwise alienated souls and their power to infuse us with hope, as we, in touching the scars of real people or characters that are true to life experience a measure of healing. 


My desire in joining the ALVN crew is to write – within the genre of fiction – and assist in the production and presentation of stories that  inspire hope beneath the umbrella of personal development for women. 


Fun thing about me: I thoroughly enjoy driving out to Galveston on a Saturday morning, singing with abandon along to some gospel tracks on the way, parking in the sand facing the water, my windows down, reclining in the drivers seat and for a few hours just listening to the sounds of the beach. 
Sakshi, ALVN Writer


Swachchanda Awasare, also known as Sakshi is passionate about educating and empowering women to become warriors who embody self-love, self-awareness and success. She was born and raised in India and migrated to Melbourne in 2007 to pursue higher studies. 


In 2012, an abusive marriage of 2 years followed by separation and divorce catapulted her to go back to her spiritual roots and seek solace within. She experienced emotional, physical and financial abuse by her former partner and while looking for help and healing she realized that there was little to no support through the process of separation, divorce, self-care, self-love, and re-building emotionally, developing the strength, resilience and courage to move on.  Sakshi took responsibility for herself to break through the trauma and embody a warrior mindset to rise above all the challenging situations.  


She will write on the following topics:
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Influencing other people and find love
  • Self confidence
  • Sensitivity to your intuition
  • Fearlessness
Imeh Esen, Writer on ALVN

Imeh Esen

Writing is a good way to communicate my thoughts. Although I currently write non fiction self development themes for ALVN, I love both fiction and non fiction forms. 


There’s nothing more rewarding than sitting at my computer, seeing my thoughts take a life on the page and later know I have connected to someone I might never see, yet have touched in some way.


On ALVN I will basically write on any topic that burns in my heart, reaching into my experiences and lessons learnt. My joy will be hearing from you the reader and hopefully gleaning from your knowledge as well.


In addition, I create movies and run the fabulous ALV network.  

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